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PLEASE NOTE:- The FACTORY RELEASED housings for Olympus, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, etc do not have factory o-ring kits available. In some cases the o-rings used per control are customized sizes and cannot be purchased. Also in some cases the control is designed not to be serviceable. This means we can only, clean, re-grease and re-assemble the housing including a pressure test to keep its operation life as long as possible. We cannot replace the control o-rings only the main seal in most cases.
We stock a full range of spare parts and service items for the Pelican RALS lights and we are happy to quote on out of warranty repairs or servicing of your RALS Lighting systems. Proud supporters of several CFS units around SA with after sales support and servicing.

Recently we have taken on the agency for optically ground glass lenses for Dive Masks to suit a wide range of prescriptions and configurations to suit your requirements. Simply email us your prescription details and the brand / model of mask you currently use and we can provide a quote for you. Alternatively we can supply a new mask with these lenses fitted to suit your prescription. Part of the profits from these sales go to the Dive for Cancer Charity.

We are also proud supporters of the Fox Foundation Shark Research program and a portion of our housing servicing profits are donated to this program to aid in their continued work.

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